As a further service we are also in a position to transport or rail containers to and from Johannesburg to Durban.

Our main business is the Shipping Industry, however due to the high demand of procurement enquiries in South Africa from our client base in West & East Africa, we have found it necessary to diversify our business to target this market.

As a result, we have opened an office in Johannesburg, to handle all enquiries, as most of the procurement is located in this region. As a further service we are also in a position to transport or rail containers to and from Johannesburg to Durban.

With containers now firmly established as the most efficient and flexible method of intermodal freight transport, our highly experienced staff, utilizing a network of global information, are able to provide clients with all the necessary shipping information to enable them to determine the most cost and time efficient routing of their cargoes to and from the required destinations.

Once on board, as a client, you will continue to be serviced by senior management, for it is through such continuity that we build up a thorough understanding of your precise business shipping needs by providing marketing support and technical expertise.

Our well-trained and motivated staff acts as positive and effective marketing links between you, the shipper and your client.

With Africamarine, you can always rest assured that your business is our priority.

You can feel confident that we will manage your documentation needs both quickly and efficiently. We are able to provide you, the client, with a guaranteed service at the best possible rate.

When you entrust us with your business, we see it as an opportunity to develop a successful and long lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

At Africamarine, we are proud to offer:

  • One call convenience, giving you direct access to all aspects of Forwarding, saving you time and streamlining your administration
  • One organization, responsible for handling your transport, railage, shipping and documentation needs
  • Easy access to your consignment every step of the way
  • An unbeatable door-to-door service that delivers on time, to any destination worldwide and to your exact specifications
  • As an added value service, we have included a procurement service, at the behest of our clients in West, East and Southern Africa.

At Africamarine, we deliver the goods.