Air and Sea 

Africamarine Ships Agency is very active in the chartering market, be it Sea or Air.

We can charter for breakbulk and abnormal loads as well as shipper own containers (SOC).

We have dedicated vessels operating on different routes throughout the world for the carrying of IMCO 1 (explosives and detonators), as well as special charter for ammonium nitrate (IMCO 5.1) cargo.

In certain ports around the world, we have storage and distributing facilities for ammonium nitrate and other such hazardous cargo.

We also airfreight charter on a regular basis for the carrying of IMCO 1 Cargo

Container Sales

We have a range of old and new containers in stock for selling purposes as well as special equipment, i.e 20’ft and 40’ft Flatracks, Open Tops and Flexitanks.